Update #1:

The initial, free app will be a non-scale-able calling card in one font, all caps (raster art). It will have a quick, easy, “How-to” at the beginning, illustrated and animated.

NOW (development)
1. We collaborate on naming the app and story board.

  • creation
  • submission
  • receipt
  • repeat

2. We test the UI (getting from point a. to b., etc.,) at actual dpi printed out on little pieces of paper, get feedback, change/adopt accordingly.

3. Figure out gesture controls.

4. Check out other apps: “VINE”, “DROPBOX”, “ULTRALINX”, and ”UNCRATE” in app section.

Update #2: We circulate the little App. 20% negative feedback: I don’t get it, what does it do? Most people “got it”. But wanted more (i.e. to buy actual cards or where does it go? Can I choose my own font?)

  • Investigate font(s); check licensing for apps (its expensive!)
  • Investigate scrap book/collection device.
  • Investigate “At Home” hours posted on Facebook.
  • Hone “bruise” and embossed quality of engraving (initial “DAVID” test looks debossed and bruise too subtle._


  • Launch.
  • Maintenance/management.