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Calling card references:

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Calling card, historic:

19th Century Calling Card Etiquette:

  • On a first visit, a gentleman gave one card to each lady of the house.
  • When calling upon the lady of the house, if she was not home, but her daughter was, the gentleman sent in his card and departed, as it was not usual for a young lady to receive calls from a gentleman unless they were very intimate friends.

Special significance was given to the turning down of the cardʼs corners:

  • A visit in person (as opposed to being sent by a servant): the right hand upper corner
  • A congratulatory visit: the left hand upper corner
  • A condolence visit: the left hand lower corner
  • Taking leave (if you were going on a long trip): right hand lower corner
  • If there were two of more ladies in the household, the gentleman turned down a corner of the card to indicate that the call was designed for the whole family.

Initials could also be add to denote the reason for a visit:

  • p. f. – congratulations (pour féliciter)
  • p. r. – expressing oneʼs thanks (pour remercier)
  • p. c. – mourning expression (pour condoléance)
  • p. f. N. A. – Happy New Year (pour feliciter Nouvel An)
  • p. p. c. – meaning to take leave (pour prendre congé)
  • p. p. – if you want to be introduced to anybody, send your visiting card (pour présenter)” —Paraphrased from The Gentleman’s Guide to the Calling Card.