I. This blog tracks the development of Hello-graph. the first ever engraving app. Initially, it was built to support Engraving for Nerds II, the West Coast book tour for The Complete Engraver by Nancy Sharon Collins. This was the first wireframe…

The fonts, used as art in raster-based images for the launch, are:

  • Sweet Sans, by Mark van Bronkhorst.
  • And the display font spelling out “Engraving for Nerds…” is Minot, by Jessica Hische.

When Hello-graph gets popular, we will embed Sweet Sans and offer it as an option for a modest fee.

II. Introduction: Hello-graph virtual calling cards, the formal social media medium. You can:

  • Make a friend.
  • Say “Hi!”
  • Say “Good bye.”
  • Say “I’m sorry” (for a transgression).
  • Say “I’m sorry” (for your loss).

Here’s how:

  1. Choose a calling card format (size and shape) that suits you. Each format says something about your personal status, such as: “I’m a married lady“, or, “I’m a married gent”; “I’m a scamp” or “I’m single and available…)
  2. Choose a card stock (from a stunning array of Mohawk Fine Papers)
  3. Engrave your name (properly done, only your name appears on a calling card—of course, you do not have to use your real name).
  4. Send your card to someone on Instagram, Pinterest, or Twitter.
  5. The pay-off: when that special someone returns the honor by proffering their calling card back to you!

III. Attached is the first beta- test for the rudiments of how Hello-graph works.

IV. Here’s the first test for what the digital version of an “engraved” calling card will look like. Note: the area around the lettering is “bruised”, which indicated that the virtual fibers of the virtual paper have been broken or burnished flat. This happens when a piece of paper has been engraved. We feel the effect is too subtle to view on a smart phone…

Curiously, the letters themselves appear to go in like debossing, rather than out (standing proud) like engraving! (We’ll have to fix this. Below is an image of hand engraved lettering, the light halo around the script is the bruise.)

V. We’ve decided to have the introduction and instructions illustrated and animated, and are working with Harriet Burbeck, creator of the iconic New Orleans Book Fair posters. Joe Flemming, of Black Rabbit fame, will be animating Harriet’s illustrations.